e-sword rocks! There’s no other way to say it. This Bible software has everything you could ever want and everything you don’t want. It has various Bibles, in many languages, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, maps. The thing it doesn’t have is a price. It’s a free download! I’m all about free, quality software. Rick Meyers has taken his time to write this software and offer it, including all the additional downloads of Bibles, concordances etc. for free. What a ministry! A pastor at my church made me aware of the site and has been telling everyone. I am doing the same. The initial download includes KJV with Strong’s. A version I like, which I have downloaded is The Message. There are also all kinds of maps, including ancient Mediterranean maps and satellite maps. The license agreement is clear, in no way can anyone charge for the software, or imply a charge or even charge for the cost of duplicating the media, nor can you host this software at your site. The bottom line is that it is free. If you have a different kind of idea for it’s use, Mr. Meyers is willing to discuss it:

e-Sword is free software. This license is designed not to restrict your freedom except insofar as is necessary to ensure that the program remains free for all. If you want to do something that is against this license, but within the spirit of free software, then let’s talk about it.

Sounds reasonable. If you prefer, you can purchase a cd with much of what’s available online to download for $15. It used to include everything, but now there is too much to fit on a single cd. I am considering making this available to everyone on staff at my church and might even go so far as to install it on every machine. Why not? I would encourage you to do the same. I would also encourage you to send a donation to Mr. Meyers for his generous contribution, especially if you install it on multiple machines in your church. It’s obviously not necessary or required but a nice gesture. I’m debating about if the cd is necessary, since once the download file is on my network, it’s an quick, easy install to all my machines. But either way, in the process of implementing this, I’ll probably send some amount of a contribution his way. So, go to e-sword and check it out.”

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