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June 2005

Life is good in Feedburner-ville

Feedburner is a company that knows how to shine. The first example I saw of this was here, where the CEO contacted Tony Morgan concerning an issue he was having with Feedburner and Bloglines. Earlier that same day, I had… Continue Reading →

Volunteer Recruitment

I have written about our kid’s worship services, I have shown pictures and yet again, I’m going to write more. Primarily, because this is a big part of what I do on Sunday mornings. If you would have asked me… Continue Reading →

New blog on the block

I just want to point out a new blog on the block……not on my physical block, but block in a blog kind of way. Stuart Cowen is back out here with his blog called Casting my Net. His initial post,… Continue Reading →

Short lived Incredible racing career

What a fun day this was……yesterday, the big birthday was pretty uneventful, we all went and did some shopping, then we were reminded of the air show going on when we saw planes flying all around. So we headed closer… Continue Reading →

Become a Statistic

MIT is conducting a weblog survey, so of course, I jumped in there. All they require is an email address to send you a passcode to sign in and they ask about your blogging habits, such as how many you… Continue Reading →

Another Year

It’s midnight straight up, time for bed, my work today is done. I made some changes behind the scenes that are not noticeable, but it may make my life easier. Now, I got to get a good night’s sleep since… Continue Reading →

Addressing Blogging Maturity

If you haven’t stumbled onto Tally Wilgis’ blog, you are missing out. He’s a good guy and has great insight, in my opinion. He is the pastor of Focal Point Church in Chesapeake, VA, a young church plant that is… Continue Reading →

Feedburner’s Day Off

It was fun while it lasted. Readers = 0 According to feedburner. Of course other blogs I’ve looked at today that use feedburner show a big goose egg as well. I have briefly browsed feedburner’s site for an explanation but… Continue Reading →

Traditional Church to House Church

This is something you don’t see every day, but why not? There’s nothing wrong with doing this. An established traditional church makes a decision to cut ties with their current structure and convert to a house church, and ultimately building… Continue Reading →

Documentation in Perspective

Documentation rules! Nothing gets me pumped up like writing documentation. Talk about excitement, I am all about documentation. Ok, I’m back, after splashing cold water on my face, I’m back to reality. There is nothing more time consuming and sometimes… Continue Reading →

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