If you haven’t stumbled onto Tally Wilgis’ blog, you are missing out. He’s a good guy and has great insight, in my opinion. He is the pastor of Focal Point Church in Chesapeake, VA, a young church plant that is doing great things for God’s kingdom.

I have certain blogs that I go to first each day, blogs that are the best of the best. I even separated them out in my blogroll and Tally has quickly become one of the first blogs that I read. It’s not because he is flashy or does things extravagantly, it’s because he’s a solid guy and he has tremendous insight. His tagline in his banner says


Today he has a great post on blogging and commenting on blogs. He offers 8 points to those of us new to blogging and commenting(most of us are new to this medium, i.e. in the blogosphere 12 months or less) and this is his way of addressing “blogging maturity”

Because blogging is relatively new for most people I’d like to think that many of the people who are involved with blogging are adolescents in their use of this new medium. As with young people there is an uncertainty among those who are learning the blogging world. For many of these otherwise fine individuals the urge to make an ignorant remark is simply too strong. The perceived glory is far too great and the self-centeredness takes hold under the guise of “to god (g) be the glory!” With some angry “Christian” bloggers, God simply becomes a means to an end. The end being the feeling of “winning” a blogging boxing match.

Check him out! You’ll be glad you did.

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