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July 2005

What’s the take-away?

You know, I may be slow….I know that and I accept that fact. I use Bloglines, as many do and Feedburner has always sync’d up with Bloglines, so basically the 21 people subscribed to my feedburner feed are reflected in… Continue Reading →

Highlight of my week

The highlight of my week had to be yesterday, when Mary called me at my office and asked what I was doing. Seemed kind of odd, I admitted to her that I was working and actually getting some stuff done…. Continue Reading →

The True Cost

Scott at TechShepherds has a great post today on the Cost of Technology vs. the Cost of Ministry. It’s really a look at the true cost of FellowshipOne. If you are considering FellowshipOne and concerned about the cost, read Scott’s… Continue Reading →

Christian Mentoring

I have held off on doing this for quite awhile but I think now is the time. I would like to introduce you to a ministry that I have been a part of since day 1 called Christian Mentoring. This… Continue Reading →

In-house or outsource?

Here’s something that I’m kinda curious about. I know what I have heard from a handful of people and I know what I think, but I want to throw this out there to get a broader perspective. For you, in… Continue Reading →

Breaking Camp

According to House Church Blog, being missional involves breaking camp. We are called to “GO” and make disciples, yet we are not willing to “break camp” and follow Jesus where He leads. It sure is easy to be comfortable and… Continue Reading →

5 ways to stay on track with media and technology

Anthony Coppedge has a great post today yesterday (I wrote this Sunday but didn’t post til today) that is actually a recap of an article that his pastor, Ed Young, Jr. wrote. Anthony adds his perspective in his post, as… Continue Reading →

Historic Sanctuary meets 21st century technology

ChurchNerd raises a dilemma in this post about equipping a historic sanctuary with modern technology. There is debate about the sound equipment not being visible, yet the equipment has outgrown the small cabinet it used to reside in. If you… Continue Reading →

Are you master of your webmaster?

It sure is easy to have a website, whether it’s for you personally, your business or your church. It’s easy enough to find a web design company to set everything up for you, buy your domain, host it, design your… Continue Reading →

IT Defined

I have noticed that I am somewhat lazy lately when it comes to blogging. I am one, when I lead Bible studies, that will break verses down word by word and look at the Hebrew and Greek and all that… Continue Reading →

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