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September 2005

Skill vs. Passion ?

Charlie brings up a pointed question concerning hiring staff.  He asks: Is it more about passion or skill? Which is more important? I have been thinking alot about volunteer recruitment lately and I responded to his question on his blog,… Continue Reading →

Following the Lord

I’m finding this to be a fun thing to do. I just need to make more time in my week to do more. When we were at my in-laws’ place a couple of weeks ago, there was a story on… Continue Reading →

ESML input

Justin at Radical Congruency is looking for input: I need input. I’m spearheading a project, way beyond my ability, called Extensible Scripture Markup Language. The idea is to develop a set of blog tools that support the ESML standard (whatever… Continue Reading →

Tech Shop Ministry

You’ve got to check this out, this is cool!  As a result of Clif Guy‘s comment on Web Empowered Church CMS Pre-release out (disclaimer: the preceding link is a link to my own site.  I currently have issues with links… Continue Reading →

Web Empowered Church CMS Pre-release out

UPDATE: A more thorough look at this CMS.(I should check these things out before I tell you to!  It’s Monday and I’m tired)  According to Jason, Web Empowered Church CMS Pre-release is out: I got an email late last week… Continue Reading →

Faith Life Fellowship…revisited!

We had a fun day visiting our friends Brian and Laquita, who live about an hour away today.  We got up early and drove over to their church, which is always good.  Well, at least all 2 times we have… Continue Reading →

Precondition failed

Here is an interesting situation that came up and maybe someone who is smarter than me can resolve it.  I found a workaround but I can’t answer the question of ‘why did that happen?’.  I got an email from Simon… Continue Reading →

Tag Friday

Rick tagged me(by simply reading his post!), so here I go 1. Total number of books you own? Probably 100, never counted 2. What is the last book(s) you bought? Wild at Heart by John Eldridge 3. What was the… Continue Reading →

Your turn

Recently, Rick@ Caffeinated Adventures proclaimed that it was time for his readers to come out of the closet….well, the blog closet. He asked for us lurkers to ID ourselves and many of us did. I’ve thought of doing the same… Continue Reading →

In The Beginning…

This post is primarily for me, if you want to read it you can, but it’s actually a reminder to myself. This is a new beginning for me, in a way, but in a way, it’s not. It’s really just… Continue Reading →

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