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October 2005

Kiosk testing

All 6 of our kiosks are built for F1 and all the PC’s are built.  The check-in stations are ready to go.  Tomorrow, I’ll be rolling a kiosk around the church to the various locations where we will be checking… Continue Reading →

Dilbert blog

 Whether you are a geek or not, you have probably heard of the comic strip Dilbert.  Also, if you are not a geek and you don’t get what goes on in Dilbert’s world and think it is absurd, well, to… Continue Reading →

Google Base, still under wraps

Google Base is on the verge of becoming a reality.  Many people are probably unaware of what this is unless you are a geek with too much time on your hands.  (I know people like this, trust me, you don’t… Continue Reading →

Weblog Usability

Jakob Nielsen is referred to as the king of usability and also the guru of webpage usability and he has written some things that are worth reviewing.  Granted, I’m not the only one to link to this, but it does… Continue Reading →

Effective training

I spent 2 hours just before lunch today in training.  It’s nothing formal, this morning I was told to go sit with someone and learn the ins and outs of a certain process here at my office.  The goal is… Continue Reading →

2005 CMS Overview

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Fall is in the air, the leaves are falling, the weather is cooler and the latest CMS Overview is out from Christian Computing Magazine.  To clarify, CMS in this case = Church Management… Continue Reading →

Can’t get enough?

Just in case you can’t get enough of the posts here and in the event that you are not receiving your feed fast enough, you are now able to subscribe to this feed.  Simply enter your email address in the… Continue Reading →

Wiki test

Check this out, this is something I have wanted to really try for a long time. It’s my new wiki and it’s simply to play around for now and I’ll see where it goes.  Although, I do have a relevant… Continue Reading →

2 F1 blogs for the price of one, what a bargain!

To quote Jason: Now what are the odds that 2 Fellowship One based blogs would launch on the same day?! The answer is pretty good. Stuart started his called Adventures with Fellowship One, and here is his post announcing it. … Continue Reading →

Bloglines still has the upper hand

I have been trying to give Google Reader a fair chance.  I think many of Google’s products are worthwhile and valuable and oftentimes, very useful.  I have also mentioned that I love beta testing new products.  With that being said,… Continue Reading →

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