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December 2005

Anyone Interested (?)

I’m going to share an idea that some of us have tossed around in the past couple of months, plus share some of the vision and some thoughts. The idea is to create some kind of church tech association. This… Continue Reading →

links for 2005-12-08

AuthImage – WordPress Plugin Repository – Trac (tags: WPplugin wordpress plugin) Easy integration of with your blog – Jarrod Trainque (tags: howto Ultimate Tag Warrior (tags: plugin wordpress) WP-Taggerati: a new tags plugin for WordPress at Marco’s WP… Continue Reading →

Do not remove the tags!

Has anyone ever ripped the tag off of a pillow, just to spite those people that think they have jurisdiction over your pillow?  I’m not saying if I have or not, I’m generally a law abiding citizen, however, that’s not… Continue Reading →

Letting go so I can do more

This is an interesting time for me lately. As I have indicated, I have had to make some difficult decisions, and I know I have not said much more than that. I feel like it makes sense to share some… Continue Reading →

CMS wishlist

Tony Dye goes to great length to share the values and philosophies behind what he sees as important when choosing a CMS.  Thanks to Clif for bringing Tony’s posts to my attention, I have really been out of touch lately,… Continue Reading →


Ok, I’m working on a post and it is pretty involved, as it’s an explanation of the events of my life over the last few weeks, attempting to clarify some things and share some info and apparently I hit publish… Continue Reading →

Gmail complaints……what(?)

MacWorld is reporting of some recent complaints against Gmail and they are valid, I think, to some degree. First of all, I must confess, I am a Gmail addict. I have been on board since early on and really rely… Continue Reading →

Spyware newsletters that made the cut, Part 1

In my recent focusing of priorities in my life, I have deleted a ton of e-mail, as well as unsubscribed from quite a few newsletters.  You know the ones that look so cool and informative and necessary at first glance. … Continue Reading →


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Godbit Project

Check out Godbit, this is a cool site.  Their mission is as follows: The purpose of this site is to help the Church catch up with the rest of the world in adherance to standards given by the World Wide… Continue Reading →

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