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January 2006

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Darrell Jordan tagged me 1. Four Jobs I’ve Had- Systems Analyst Manager of Cable Auction, a local, shopping channel type network (It was my post 9/11 after lay-off job, most fun I’ve had on a job, even though it was… Continue Reading →

Free To Worship

Mark Batterson says: I’m so grateful for a church where I can be myself. He goes on to say: There is so much pretense in so many churches. There is an image to uphold. It’s like a game of charades… Continue Reading →

Greatness Personified

I like Rat. In my opinion, he is the alter ego of many of us you. (not me, of course!) Now this has me wondering, am I greatness personified?? Pearls is a comic strip that tends to enjoy mocking/poking fun… Continue Reading →

Daily Posts Are Turned Off

As of now, I have turned off the daily posts. These posts were the links that I posted to each day and every night they automatically posted to my blog. Well, it seemed like a good idea at… Continue Reading →

Your Blog On a Shirt

Check out SnapShirts, the site will scan your blog for common words and create a tag cloud and put it on a t-shirt for you for 18 bucks.  Very cool.  Something else to feed my fascination with tags and tag… Continue Reading →

Right and Wrong Ways to Podcast

I’m not here to tell you the right and wrong ways to podcast, however I am here to ask for input on how you’re doing it and what works and what does not work. I have a friend… (isn’t that… Continue Reading →

Long Overdue Confession

What in the world has happened to me? I come here today to reluctantly admit something, it’s something that I have been doing for a few weeks now. It’s hard to admit and in a former life, I would have… Continue Reading →

links for 2006-01-27

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Christian Mentoring

I think I have mentioned this in the past, but it’s probably a good time to do it again. Christian Mentoring is a ministry that I helped start about 5 years ago or so. A good friend of mine approached… Continue Reading →

links for 2006-01-26

Missouri Secretary of State Corporation Division Information (tags: business) PC Help – Computer Help – PC Tips – Help with PCs (tags: TechSupport tips utilities) SkimCSS – Skim Everything (CSS) Cascading Style Sheet Related! (tags: design Tools website) WordPress Backup… Continue Reading →

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