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January 2006

Not Normal

Thanks, Clint, for the link to this. Here’s the breakdown of me and the number is actually a little high, I think. I know I’m not normal and I really don’t make an effort to come across that way. It’s… Continue Reading →

My IP address can beat up your IP address….

If today is getting you down, go to this site where they will rank your IP address. My score was a 9, which is not that great. Also, it is ranked #1815 of the 4092 IP’s spotted so far. My… Continue Reading →

links for 2006-01-24

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (tags: desktop howto software utilities Tools) This site will make any Geek cry, six common sounds of your drive failing (tags: TechSupport technology Reference) Related Posts:No Related Posts

iPod-less followup

For such a simple post, I sure did get a lot of reaction and a wide range of opinions, at that. If you missed the original post last week, it’s here, and the comments are right below it. Some said… Continue Reading →

Got a problem……reboot

In a way, PC Doctor points out the obvious, but for many, it may not be so obvious. If your computer is not running well, if programs are hanging up, if other glitches occur, then just reboot. It’s amazing how… Continue Reading →

Weekend review

Another great weekend was had by all. My oldest daughter and I left Friday afternoon for KickStart, a preteen event put on by Christ In Youth (CIY).  CIY is actually based here in Joplin, and it is an organization that… Continue Reading →

links for 2006-01-21

Mystickies, Sticky notes for the web (tags: utilities Tools web2.0 notes) KNOPPIX – Live Linux Filesystem On CD (tags: download free freeware software Tools utilities) Onimoto (tags: email howto Reference tips) Related Posts:No Related Posts

What kind of conversations?

I’m pumped, I just found out I won at InBubbleWrap. This is a site where everyday they give away something, a book, a couple of books or something else, everyday. I started a couple of days ago and yesterday signed… Continue Reading →


I think I’m moving up in the world, I’m hanging out with the crowd at Panera Bread pretty regularly now. That’s the place where the people that are not quite cool enough to hang at Starbucks go. Panera is about… Continue Reading →

links for 2006-01-20

Free Wallpapers Blog » 254 High Quality Firefox wallpapers (tags: firefox free freeware wallpaper desktop mozilla) InformationWeek | Personal Computing | Is Your Computer Killing You? | January 18, 2006 (tags: Reference ergonomic health) Related Posts:No Related Posts

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