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February 2006

Google Pages Has Arrived, But Just Get In Line

Thanks to PC Doctor for pointing out Google Pages.  According to the site: Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes. Don’t get… Continue Reading →

Google Desktop 3 Beta Has Arrived

Google Desktop 3 beta is now available for download: Personal edition Enterprise edition Read what the Google Enterprise blog says about it here. It might be worth playing with, although I would go slow with it on your network. I… Continue Reading →


Want to communicate with me? home phone – just cut the cord, not an option anymore cell phone – need more minutes and another line, not willing to extend the contract, they will see it my way soon……..yeah right! e-mail… Continue Reading →

Church Shopping – In Theory

Theoretically speaking, what are some things to consider when looking for a new church home?  If someone were to have a discussion with the pastor prior to visiting, or even e-mail the pastor, what could/should be asked?  For this theoretical… Continue Reading →

Slow Day, NBB Resurfaces

Today’s kind of a slow day and since I’m not one to leave well enough alone, I’ve got to get back on this band wagon. Have you ever known anyone who should be doing something but they just refuse, regardless… Continue Reading →

Passion Leads To Stories

Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users fame written a post titled Where There’s Passion, There Are Stories. From “creation mythology” to gossip to heroic against-all-odds tales, one of the ways we judge whether someone is truly passionate (as opposed to… Continue Reading →

Popularity vs. Authority

Check out this post by Stephanie Boothe titled Power Laws, Popularity, Authority, A-Lists and the Rest…. She makes some great points, here’s a brief sample: Popular? Visited, linked, or some combination thereof. People hear about it, talk about it, go… Continue Reading →

Bouncing Up The List, Thanks To brrreeeport

I’m a few days behind, but I want to join in on the fun. In case you missed it, check out Scoble’s post from a few days ago. In it, he states: Oh, while we’re talking about blogs similar to… Continue Reading →

Firefox Memory Leak

Thanks to uber_tech, who found this tip via NewsVine, here is the way to fix a Firefox memory leak.  Are you thinking that you don’t know what a memory leak is?  Basically, if you leave your computer running with Firefox… Continue Reading →

Questioning Google

Is Google up to something? I’m not sure and I certainly have not been able to confirm my suspiscions. I have received an invite to Google Talk from more than one person over the last month or so via e-mail…. Continue Reading →

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