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March 2006

Pray For Technology…In Action

About 2 weeks ago, I posted this, raising the question of why don’t we pray for our technology. I think it’s a valid question and something that we need to take seriously, and I have never seen anyone do that…. Continue Reading →

He Walked Past

I just read Mark 6:45-50 and it is just after Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Jesus sent His disciples across the lake to Bethsaida and Jesus went to be alone and pray. Jesus… Continue Reading →

Observations and Lessons Learned

It seems that there are many people looking for a new church. It’s wild, for the past month or more, that has become a regular conversation. It’s true that I am in the process of changing churches, but I don’t… Continue Reading →


Brian Slezak, at The Appian Way, has a great post concerning his trials in his church life. It is worth checking out and I know he would love your thoughts, as well. Clif and Brian continue their ongoing discussion in… Continue Reading →


Just got the new David Crowder Band CD, A Collision. Excellent! Related Posts:No Related Posts


This reminds me of my daughter, in some warped way. When she was younger, like 2,you could ask her anything and her answer was always ‘green’. How do you feel? Green. Are you hungry? Green. What’s your favorite color? Green…. Continue Reading →

Laptop Adventures

I have been on a mission the past few days. My goal, is to acquire a laptop. It sounds simple enough, but I am probably far, too discriminating. (anal) I go back and forth on what I want, at first,… Continue Reading →

Coffee Break

Wednesday, March 15, between 10am and noon is when Starbucks expects to serve over half a million cups of free coffee.  That’s right, free coffee at Starbucks!  According to the press release: More than 70 percent of Americans take at… Continue Reading →

Pray For Technology (?)

Fellowship was down Sunday morning, which is obviously the least opportune time to be down. I’m not involved with Fellowship directly, but I’ve read a couple of the stories of churches being affected by their outage. (here and here) I… Continue Reading →

Anyone celebrating?

day is tomorrow 3.14 at 1:59 a.m. Brian pointed this out earlier today, but claimed he will be sleeping right through it. Bummer. Do you get the significance of the day and time? According to wikipedia: The “ultimate” pi day[1]… Continue Reading →

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