Check this out – Brian Clark at CopyBlogger wrote a great post titled ‘You Must Respect My Authority‘. He makes the point that authority is often granted, due to perception, then he goes on to say:

Good blogging creates authority, plain and simple. Writing consistently about your area of expertise makes you an authority figure within your industry and niche. You will enjoy a definitive advantage over competitors who do not blog, and likely even over those who have been blogging for shorter time periods.

That’s an interesting point that I have never considered, but I think it’s true. The blogs that I truly enjoy and consistently return to are the ones where they write what they know and what they are passionate about. Furthermore, authority on a particular topic has to be earned, but that alone will get you a long way.

Don’t miss the last paragraph of his post:

The goal is not to be on the A-List as determined by the Technorati Top 100 Blogs. Your goal is to be on the A-List for your niche, geographic region or industry. Hopefully you’re well on the way with your own blog.

I have mentioned the A-list in the past and my lack of desire to even aspire to be an A-lister. It’s pointless, but Brian makes a great point. Be on the A-list for your niche, geographic region or industry and if there is no one blogging in your niche, then just start blogging and create the standard for your niche’s A-list.

Do you agree? Do you aspire to be an A-lister or is it pointless, on any level?

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