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April 2006

Site Is Back Up, Part 2

Well, after my last post, this site went back down again.  Fortunately, it’s moved now and therefore, back up!  It should continue to be up and stay up now.  What a crazy few days it has been and Mary and… Continue Reading →

Site Is Back Up

This site was down for probably nearly 24 hours, but fear not, it’s back.  We are moving to a new webhost provider and that’s why I’ve been down.  Not because of moving but because of an issue with the current… Continue Reading →

Can You Hear Me Now?

I’m sure I just violated a trademark or a copyright or something with the title of this post, but it fits. It seems that the folks at GCC have the opportunity to shop for new cell phones and plans since… Continue Reading →

Google Calendar Website Integration

I want to be sure to bring Tyler’s comments to the surface here, as they add some real value to shedding some light on the Google Calendar functionality. I have to first of all apologize to Tyler, somehow, I wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

I’ve heard Chris Tomlin say: I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow I wanna dance like no one’s around I wanna sing like nobody’s listening Before I lay my body down I wanna give like I have plenty I wanna… Continue Reading →

Refreshing Your Eyes

Lifehacker points to a post at WikiHow on exercising your eyes.  For those of us that sit in front of a computer screen all day and night, this is probably some good things to practice.  Although, I didn’t sit at… Continue Reading →

Benefits Of Blogging

The Boston Globe has this article titled ‘Blogs essential to a good career’ and it has a lot of good information in it. It kicks off in this way: Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you… Continue Reading →

Does Audience Size Matter?

If you have a new blog or if you are contemplating starting a blog, the challenge is to write quality content regardless of the number of readers you have. It is challenging to always put out quality content, trust me,… Continue Reading →


There has been alot of talk lately of the Firefox memory leak and it appears that this new release is a very good one. Here’s a fix for saving some memory usage when Firefox is minimized, which I did on… Continue Reading →

Google Calendar

According to Googling Google, Google Calendar has arrived. Check it out here. I have been anxious to get my hands on this calendar. My life seriously revolves around Gmail and it will be a nice way to keep me organized… Continue Reading →

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