According to Googling Google, Google Calendar has arrived. Check it out here.

I have been anxious to get my hands on this calendar. My life seriously revolves around Gmail and it will be a nice way to keep me organized and on schedule and a bonus to have it integrated with Gmail. Google Calendar is available to anyone with a Google account.
Search Engine Journal says:

From a usability perspective, the one feature that is getting rave reviews in multiple blogs and publications is Google Calendar’s natural language processing technology, Quick Add.

Using Quick Add the Google Calendar user can add an event as easily as they can perform a search on Google by using a form of a “search box” – which is now entering the other side of the spectrum as an input box.

So, I type in “Japanese Lesson with Makiko next Monday at 8pm” into the Quick Add box and Google automatically recognizes that next Monday is April 17th, and marks the event on the calendar.

That same article goes on to say:

“Google Calendar is a very strong initial release, with a good balance between powerful features and ease of use. The ability to easily work with multiple calendars and the sharing features are particularly appealing, especially for people who are dissatisfied with their current calendar application.

PC World adds:

But setting up a personal calendar is only part of the picture. Google Calendar will allow users to search for and then subscribe to publicly available calendars–the schedule of a local baseball team for example–and then integrate that information into their own calendars.

The appeal, in my mind, to using an online calendar is the ability to access it from anywhere and the added functionality to share it with others.

Google seems to be better now at launching new apps than in the past and it appears that this one should be more stable than some other things they have come out with.

Imagine how a calendar like this can impact your church and it’s ministries. There are many ways that church staff and ministries within the church could effectively use this type of calendar.

There is more to be said on that, and that will come later. What are your thoughts?

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