There has been alot of talk lately of the Firefox memory leak and it appears that this new release is a very good one. Here’s a fix for saving some memory usage when Firefox is minimized, which I did on a couple of my computer’s last week, and it did improve things somewhat. CyberNet has a good review of this newest version of Firefox and also provides a link to a list of extensions with memory leaks.

It appears that this new version will download and install automatically and there’s no reason to really worry about it. I would also review your list of extensions and clean those up. I found a bunch that I did not use or didn’t even know why I had them. You see, I have a tendency to download an extension just to try it out, then I’ll either use it or forget about it.

I removed everything except for Tab Mix Plus, as the CyberNet article suggests. I’m pretty finicky about my tabs and like them to work a certain way.

So, give it a try and tweak things how you want to.

Go here to download.

UPDATE: Actually, go here and click Download Firefox.  It’s a little easier to navigate!

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