If you have a new blog or if you are contemplating starting a blog, the challenge is to write quality content regardless of the number of readers you have. It is challenging to always put out quality content, trust me, I know, I don’t feel like I have done that too well lately. (more on that soon) The bottom line is, anyone who writes, whether it’s for a blog, newsletter or anything, should write the same quality, regardless of if you have 1 reader or thousands.

Nick Usborne of Excess Voice says it well:

If you are writing a new newsletter, or an article for a new site, or an entry for a new blog, it is essential you deliver your very best work.

You may have a very small audience at the beginning, but all the same you are establishing your reputation, right from the very beginning.

The quality of the content you create will build the foundation of everything that follows.

You never know where your blog will take you, I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, thru e-mail, phone conversations and few in person, all over the country and it is all the direct result of this blog. I could not have developed a network like I have without blogging.

Also, what it does is connect you with like-minded people, people with your same passions, values and beliefs and it stimulates conversations like no other medium can. So, if you are new to blogging, don’t get hung up on not having any readers in the beginning or just a handful. Give your best work from the beginning, because quality writing will grow your audience and also, people will be looking back in your archives and that will tell alot about your style and who you are.

By the way, if you sign up for Excess Voice newsletter, you get a link to a pdf document titled ‘Writing for the web’, which is a great resource. Plus, there is also an rss feed here but you don’t get the pdf document.

Now, it’s time for me to take my own advice and greatly improve the quality of my writing.

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