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May 2006

Typical Tech Guy

Relationships series – Part 3 So, if I’m up front and honest and asking for what I want, how in the world does that give me an edge over my competition? Let me fill in some gaps here. I mentioned… Continue Reading →

MS Exchange Wisdom Needed

Ok, this is for all of you really smart people out there. I have a client who has 5 computers and Windows 2000 SBS server and at this point, they are not able to send or receive email. Everything was… Continue Reading →

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough and Doggone It, People Like Me

Relationships series – part 2 In the past couple of months, I have met with a couple of new business clients and as we discussed things, they have both said: We have been using Joe Blow (i.e. my local, established,… Continue Reading →

eBible Invite – Redirect

Since my attempt to hook people up with an invite to eBible appears to have stalled out, I would refer you to this thread at godbit. Post a request in the forum and someone may be able to hook you… Continue Reading →

eBible Invite Giveaway

Thanks to David Russell for giving me a heads up to the invites to eBible and specifically to Tim Elzea for sending me an invite. eBible is a new beta version Bible website that looks to be very nice and… Continue Reading →

Relationships – The Series

Beyond my day job, I’m doing alot of work on the side. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because it’s starting to be a source of decent income and it’s doing something I really enjoy, but… Continue Reading →


You know those emails that you get from a friend or relative, where it’s to you and about half the world? Oftentimes, the email instructs you to forward this on to everyone you know in the next 10 minutes or… Continue Reading →


I’m easily impressed, so here you go. Check out my right sidebar and click on the ClustrMap, it will bring up a map of the world and all the red dots are readers of this blog. The bigger the dot,… Continue Reading →

10 Dumb Things Users Do That Can Mess Up Their Computers

PC Doctor highlights 10 dumb things users do that can mess up their computers Plug into the wall without surge protection Surf the Internet without a firewall Neglect to run or update antivirus and anti-spyware programs Install and uninstall lots… Continue Reading →

Fun With Skype

Ok, I’ve talked about Skype and shared the news of SkypeOut being free.  I have also had some fun playing around with it.  There’s an open source sound editor called Audacity and if you have that and Skype, then you… Continue Reading →

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