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June 2006

10 Feet Tall And Bulletproof…….Really?

It is not uncommon to have a conversation with someone where they ask you what you do, and it’s pretty interesting to hear their response. If I know I’m talking to a non-technical person, I will usually say I work… Continue Reading →

Highlights Of The Past Week

I have had 4 things worth mentioning that have happened in the past week. I drank bleach – 2 bad habits collided one night last week, at bedtime I take a couple of pills and generally, there is a glass… Continue Reading →

eBible Invites Still Flowing

If you wanted an eBible invite and missed out, go back to my original post and leave a comment. I gave out all the invites that I had and many others did too. Honestly, I lost track of who did… Continue Reading →

10 User Complaints About IT Support

A while back, I posted the 10 Dumb Things Users Do That Can Mess Up Their Computers, so now I bring you the 10 User Complaints about IT Support, again from Tech Republic. #1: Applications and hardware that don’t work… Continue Reading →

My Need For Socks

I listen to a variety of podcasts, but there is one that I tend to listen to more regularly than others and that is Bob Franquiz, pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miami. Well, late one night, last week, I was… Continue Reading →

Exploring Child Check-in…..Again

If you have been hanging around here for awhile, you may remember my search for a church management system for my church.  That was a year and a half ago and many things have changed.  ChMS products have really stepped… Continue Reading →

Projector Blues

Last Wednesday night we spent a couple of hours trying to get a laptop connected to a projector for kid’s worship with no success.  At the time, the diagnosis was either a bad S-video cable, that was already run across… Continue Reading →

Will You Keep Reading?

Well, the day has finally come, and for the most part, it doesn’t affect anyone in any significant way, and furthermore, if you’re non-technical, this may be an even bigger non-event to you. If you live on the cutting edge… Continue Reading →

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Ministry is a tough gig. Fulltime ministry is even tougher, it seems. Sunday we spent some time with some friends and heard some of their story about how their ministry ended at their last church, in a less than ideal… Continue Reading →

Open Source ChMS For You…Maybe So!

Check out this post by my friend Clif Guy, IT Director at Church of the Resurrection.  Clif is one of the big champions of Web Empowered Church(WEC).  Resurrection was the first church to jump on board with WEC back in… Continue Reading →

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