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July 2006

ChMS Conversations….. Continued

My last post generated some interesting comments and this conversation is worth continuing. Tony Dye said: Thanks for sharing! A number of us started the ChMS Discussion mailing list a while back, but so far activity has been pretty light…. Continue Reading →

ChMS Conversations

I’ve had serveral conversations lately about ChMS (Church Management Software), mostly via e-mail. It is something that people are wanting to discuss and understand. ChMS is something that is a mystery to some and at the same time, becoming more… Continue Reading →

Many Thanks

Dear Laura, Heather, Lionel and Felix, Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding the design of my site.  I always appreciate receiving praise and feedback through my contact form, although I was not interested in the links you… Continue Reading →

My DVD Education

Well, first of all, I need to say a big thank you to all the commenters who commented on this post. I got an education, to say the least. I think this is the first time that I have posted… Continue Reading →

I’m a winner

I found out last Friday that I won a t-shirt for the eBible review that I did. I had a tough time deciding which one to choose, but ended up going with the Jesus loves web 2.0 shirt. Also, I… Continue Reading →

You’re Fired!

My first website happened one Saturday afternoon, in the spring of 1998, when a buddy of mine and I decided we wanted to get rich off of the internet boom.  We sat in his living room and plotted out how… Continue Reading →

Coincidence…..Or Not? You Decide

Today was an interesting day for my geeky wife.  She got a call from a friend saying that a site that she designed and that we host, had been hacked.  She was on her way to a friend’s house for… Continue Reading →

A Vacation Day Well Spent

Update: This is reposted from yesterday, this post was lost due to server issues and this site had to be restored from backup. —-Today Yesterday was a good day. I’m tired, since I’ve been going non-stop since about last Thursday,… Continue Reading →

Mixing DVD Tracks

Usually, I either know how to do something or I can figure it out or I can find a solution somewhere.  At the moment, I am faced with something I don’t know how to do and I don’t have the… Continue Reading →

Wild About God

Wild About God is the theme of our vacation Bible school this summer. It should be a fun time for the kids this year, but clearly, the highlight will happen several times before the week of VBS. It is the… Continue Reading →

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