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September 2006

NCC Site Re-design Unveiled

David Russell just announced National Community Church’s site redesign and it is a significant one.  Read his post about it here and check the site out here.  David is a very detailed and talented graphics and web designer and he… Continue Reading →

Links to Church IT Roundtable Recaps

The IT Roundtable at GCC was last week and it is very interesting to those of us that were not there to read the things that were discussed. Jason’s notes Ed’s notes (posted on Jason’s blog) Clif expands on ‘The ChMS… Continue Reading →

Balancing Act

I have started writing this post multiple times and can’t quite get the right start.  So, I think I’ll start with the question in my mind and expand on that.  Keep in mind that this is not a question that… Continue Reading →

Internet Explorer 7 Confessions

I have a confession, after holding out for a long time, keeping my distance and dissing IE7, I caved.  It’s inevevitable, so I might as well jump in.  My geeky wife has been using it for awhile, others who I… Continue Reading →

The Value of Relationships

Seth Godin has a post titled Look me in the eye that drives a good point home.  He gives a couple of examples about the value of a face to face transaction (confrontation), then goes on to say this: Small organizations… Continue Reading →

Shiver Me Timbers, Arrrrrrr!

Ayyyyy, me harties! Shiver me timbers, I nearly missed it. Avast! Don’t miss this day! Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. If you care about the story behind this historic day, check here. Wikipedia will expand your TLAPD… Continue Reading →

IT Roundtable

Even though I ended up not making it to this first (of many, I hope) church IT Roundtable, I look forward to hearing about it from those of you that are there. So, be sure to blog about it and… Continue Reading →

Hanging Out With Another Blogger

I met Darrell Jordan a couple of weeks ago, in Lexington and now, this week, I’m in Atlanta, and the other night, I had the honor of meeting and hanging out with Tony Dye.  He gave me a tour of… Continue Reading →

Happy Plastic People and ChMS

Do you know what these 2 things have in common?  Not much, really, except for the fact that I get more hits for these 2 things than anything else. Did you know if you type Happy Plastic People into Google,… Continue Reading →


I just updated the design of my site. Nothing big, just rearranged things on the sidebars and removed things I didn’t like anymore. For the longest time, I have just slapped stuff on there and it kind of start to… Continue Reading →

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