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October 2006

What’s In It For Me, Eh?

It seems like there is etiquette in everything we do – golf, driving, cell phone and many more. There’s also blogging etiquette and clearly, it’s something that can make you or break you as a blogger. The main thing to… Continue Reading →

iTunes 7.0 – Don’t Jump The Gun

Some of you may remember, I used to be the sole, volunteer tech guy at my church, supporting nearly 50 desktops and a couple of servers. I would spend 10-20 hours a week at church, in addition to my 40-50… Continue Reading →

5 Blogging Questions

If you have been missing it, check out the list of the nearly 50 bloggers who have responded to Cory’s 5 Questions with Blogging Pastors/Believers at While you’re there, check out this guy’s answers, he sounds pretty smart! ;) … Continue Reading → Network + A Free Book

I saw it first at Churchonomics, but I’m sure word will spread fast about this. has announced that it wants to partner with local churches and it’s called Network. Your church can continue as it is today, except… Continue Reading →

Anniversary X2

This is a new beginning for me, in a way, but in a way, it’s not. It’s really just me continuing down this path that the Lord is leading me down. The new part probably has more to do with… Continue Reading →

The Big Event

Check this out: This Sunday our church service is gonna look a little different! Instead of setting up church… Instead of gathering together in a building and singing songs of praise to God… Instead of sitting in a room to… Continue Reading →

Big Red Truck

BigRedTruck1Originally uploaded by JimWalton. This is my wife’s new Big Red Truck! This is what happened as a result of our 10 year old Pontiac Trans Sport going up in smoke, literally. It’s for sale right now, by the way,… Continue Reading →

People I Met @ The Wired Churches Conference

One of the cool things about going to a conference like this is meeting people and hanging out between sessions and I was able to meet some fellow bloggers, as well as others. Matt Kerner – Director of Media Ministry… Continue Reading →

Wired Churches Workshop Recap

I am really slow following up on this. This last Tuesday, non-blog Brad and I and 6 others from his church took a road trip to Kansas City to attend the Wired Churches Regional Workshop, held at Westside Family Church,… Continue Reading →

Road Trip – WiredChurches Regional Workshop

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Regional workshops in Lenexa, KS and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going with Brad and some others from his church and I’ll be attending the Communications workshop, where Kem Meyer will teach… Continue Reading →

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