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December 2006

Year End Top 10 List

Since it’s year end, I guess it’s time to reflect on how this last year has been. As I have thought back, nothing really big happened this past year, but I have had the opportunity to interact and mingle with… Continue Reading →

Where Is Dell Support When You Need Them?

I have a small business client who I have worked with for nearly a year now, it is a retail business with 5 computers networked together.  When I first started working with them, all 5 computers were at least 7… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

  From our family to yours – Merry Christmas!  Related Posts:No Related Posts

How To Read The Bible

Does anyone else have a hard time reading the Bible regularly? Gordon Atkinson, aka Real Live Preacher, has started a series of short videos on the topic of how to read your Bible. It’s pretty insightful and the first 2… Continue Reading →

Hmmm…..That’s Interesting

Kathy Sierra makes a good point in a recent post. Things I learned from my horse trainers #42: practice saying, “Hmmmm… how interesting.” Say it when you’re frustrated. Say it when you’re mad. Most importantly, say it before you say… Continue Reading →

Security In Church

I know my last post was long, maybe too long, but it’s an important message.  I know some have read it all the way through because I have gotten some feedback, but I want to  re-emphasize a point. Security in… Continue Reading →

KidzPro Check In Software

Are your kids safe at church? Do parents in your church feel like their kids are safe when they trust your volunteers with their kids? You might think so, but what is your church actively doing to create a safe… Continue Reading →

Long Live – Joey the Joe Man

This picture was taken and cropped by my geeky wife. (The ones I took with my camera did not turn out nearly this good, but they are here and here ) My daughters built Freddy the snowman out back, then… Continue Reading →

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