Since it’s year end, I guess it’s time to reflect on how this last year has been. As I have thought back, nothing really big happened this past year, but I have had the opportunity to interact and mingle with many fellow bloggers.

This list is in no particular order.

Tony Dye – Due to traveling for work, I was able to meet Tony and he gave me a tour of Perimeter, then we had dinner. Tony is very detailed and focused on the task at hand and a great resource.

Darrell Jordan – Again, due to traveling for work, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Darrell. We have a similar heart for church and technology and we both have a desire to do more in that way and we both work in corporate IT, for now, to pay the bills.

David Russell – David stepped up and helped me with a feed issue I was having. (actually, Darrell helped, as well, via email and IM) David and I talked on the phone for quite awhile as he educated me on some things. It didn’t take him long to see right thru me, considering he said this about me on his blog:

Jim’s a great guy who loves to break stuff and then fix it. I love that kind of approach to life. If someone hasn’t coined this phrase yet, they should: If it ain’t broke, break it and make it better.

In a strange kind of way, he nailed my approach to many things in life, is it that obvious?

Clif Guy – Clif and I met in January to get to know each other and to discuss what we can do to help each other. He gave me a tour of the COR campus and we eventually went to dinner, as well. In the end, we came to an agreement for me to do some ongoing contract work, remotely. I am honored to be a part of his team and look forward to what lies ahead.

Bob Franquiz – Bob is a great teacher and I enjoy his podcasts alot. I’ve never met Bob, but I have actually had a dream with Bob in it. He was sleeping at his desk in his office and I needed socks. Fortunately, after digging around in some cupboards in his office, I found a brand new package of socks. I didn’t want to take them, even in my dream world, it seemed wrong to wear someone else’s socks. (I didn’t have a problem snooping around his office, but wearing his socks is clearly wrong, even new ones!) My unknown partner in this crime convinced me that since he was sleeping, he didn’t need them. So, I caved and took the socks. I e-mailed Bob and told him of the dream and conveniently, my dream fit into his message not too long after that. I have been laughed at in a church half way across the country by people I don’t even know! :) Who else can say that?

Stuart CowenStu and I have never actually met, but we have had quite a bit of opportunity to interact thru e-mail, commenting and IM. Someday we will meet, I’m sure, we almost had a chance once but it didn’t work out. One of these days, I’m sure.

Kem MeyerI have read Kem’s blog for quite awhile and it was great to be in her session at the Wired Churches Conference in KC in October. She knows her stuff, for sure.

Matt KernerWe live an hour apart but it took both of us driving 2-3 hours in the opposite direction to finally meet, at the Wired Churches conference. We have threatened to meet for lunch someday for quite some time, so we’ll see how the next couple months look.

Kirk LonghoferWe also met at the Wired Churches conference, Kirk’s a great guy and someone who knows his stuff.

Tony Morgan, Tim Stevens and Mark WaltzI also met these 3 at the Wired Churches conference and it was a real honor to meet these guys in person.

Bonus1: Scott Jester – Scott is not a blogger, but he is the one who acquainted me with KidzPro and that seems to be occupying some of my time lately. I hope to be setting it up soon at a church that I’m associated with, plus I’m doing one demo, possibly 2, for another church and a home school group. KidzPro is a check-in system, designed to make churches and any kind of organization more secure. Scott is a great guy and he has really been generous with me in getting me set up to give these demos. This is a product that I really believe in and I’m excited to be a part of what they are doing. I look forward to what lies ahead.

Bonus 2: Non-Blog Brad – What can I say? 2006 was the year that NBB finally broke out and joined the blogosphere with Churchonomics. Keep an eye on Churchonomics in the coming year to see where he takes it, it might be interesting. Also, click here to see what he got for Christmas this year.

Bonus 3: Many different emergent bloggers – We met at the COR Leadership Institute

2006 was a good year, there have been worse years, there have been better. Nothing dramatic happened, but it was more of a gradual progression in many ways. Clearly, year to build relationships. There are other people that come to mind right now, as I wrap this up and I know there are others I have forgotten. This is not an all inclusive list, but these are ones that I met this year in some form, with the exception of Stu and NBB and I look forward to many more new relationships.

What lies ahead for 2007? Sounds like another post to me.

Happy New Year!

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