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April 2007

Day Of Planning – Local Church IT and Gymnastics

Today was a day of planning, on several fronts. First of all, I had lunch with Bryson Medlock and we began planning what our local church IT group should look like.  This will ultimately be a local roundtable of sorts… Continue Reading →

Internet Evangelism Day – April 29, 2007

I almost missed it, Internet Evangelism Day is this Sunday, April 29. Internet Evangelism Day is here to tell you about … what God is doing on the Web outreach strategies that work online how you, your church or Christian group… Continue Reading →

Ever Wonder Where Those 500 Posts Came From?

Dilbert hits close to home…..again! In case you ever wondered, I actually wrote most of the 500 501 posts, not Tina the tech writer. Or maybe it was Tina the tech writer…….how would you ever know? Hmmmmm, isn’t that interesting??… Continue Reading →

500th post!!

This is it, post#500! It’s been an amazing ride and I never imagined I would get to 500 posts.  I started this blog on April 5, 2005, but technically, I started October 26, 2004 on blogger, then bought the domain… Continue Reading →

Where Am I? – Final Edition

Reposting this: I think everything is on here now. By the way, Twitter is at the very bottom, but don’t miss that. Get out there if you’re not, then add me as a friend, if you want to. Twitter is… Continue Reading →

Church IT Association – Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that the spring Church IT Roundtable is over, there is talk about forming some kind of church IT association. Tony posted about it and Jason has, as well and others are, also, I’m sure. So, what does this mean?… Continue Reading →

Web Developers On A Mission!

Sarah Springer with Terregen contacted me with information about their product called BluePogo and it’s something that I see as having potential value for churches. Rather than me attempting to describe their product, I asked her to write a post…. Continue Reading →

The Result of Too Much Time On Our Hands

It’s time to come clean.  The other day, a couple of us that were not able to attend the Church IT Roundtable were IM’ing and decided to simultaneously offer to help get more posts to come out of the event,… Continue Reading →

Logos Bible Software – My Daily Reading Plan

A while back, I mentioned that Logos has offered to partner with me and I feel like I have been negligent in getting the word out.  So, here we go! I have never done a very good job of reading… Continue Reading →

Is Church IT Roundtable Disconnected?

This week, the Church IT Roundtable is happening in Texas and things are pretty quiet, it seems.  There’s not a lot of chatter coming out of the roundtable, like I expected.  What is up with that? A room full of… Continue Reading →

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