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April 2007

Linux vs. Windows – What’s Holding You Back?

My last post, which highlighted Brian’s comment on TechSnob prompted Brian to write his own post. There are some great comments there so be sure to check them out.  (I also have more to share, based on the comments, but… Continue Reading →

TechSnob taken to a whole new level

I set up TechSnob recently, as I mentioned last week or so and I also described my own techsnobbery strengths.  (Some consider it a weakness, but whatever)  It’s all good, some other tech snobs came out of the woodwork, as well,… Continue Reading →

Nothing To Write About

Some days I wonder what to write. There are times, more often than not, when I can think of nothing to write about. I’ve said this before, I’m not a writer, really, I’m not. Yet I can look back at… Continue Reading →

Tech Snob

Believe me when I say that I have become a self-proclaimed tech snob.  It didn’t used to be this way but it is what I have become.  I’m not recovering, I’m not a former tech snob, I am a tech… Continue Reading →

Blogger Breakfast

I had breakfast today with a couple of cool bloggers. Brad and I started having breakfast most every week once he changed jobs.  We used to have time most days in the office to chat about church, life and solve… Continue Reading →

All Nude–All Day!

Hi, it’s Mary here…….Okay, I’m running a bit late with this, but I felt it had to be done. It’s CSS NAKED DAY! I’ve stripped the CSS from the Church Tech Matters site. Now you can see CTM in it’s… Continue Reading →

Check Back Later

I realized later, after my last post that I linked to my church website but it’s not exactly in a presentable condition. It’s still in development but will likely be totally overhauled soon. It’s probably going to be completely different…. Continue Reading →

Run From Sin video

This video is from Discipleship Now 2007 a couple of weeks ago, hosted by my church Fairview Christian Church in Carthage, MO. The guy in the video that runs from sin is Paul Garrido, lead singer of With Lifted Hands…. Continue Reading →

Discipleship Now — Followup

I forgot to mention something, it’s trivial but I’ll mention it here. I forgot to take my camera.  It was quite a site to see several of us around a table with all the video cameras and my laptop, probably… Continue Reading →

Discipleship Now 2007

Last weekend, the youth at my church took part in something called Discipleship Now 2007.  It was an event for multiple churches, hosted at my church and included a video service-project scavenger hunt.  My role was to take about 20… Continue Reading →

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