According to NetCraft News, GoDaddy is taking on 850,000 RegisterFly domains, which will allow those domain owners to once again take control of their domains and manage them as they need to.

What a crazy situation, according to this article, Kevin Medina, CEO and 50% owner of RegisterFly, was fired by the board, but Medina claimed he was still the sole owner. The company filed a lawsuit…

…accusing Medina of mismanagement and misuse of company funds. Medina denied all charges, saying he remained the sole owner of RegisterFly.

The court took Medina’s side and he became the sole owner of RegisterFly. The real problems of RegisterFly remained and the court ultimately shut the company down, which meant everyone who owned a domain registered through RegisterFly lost all access to the management of their domains.

That was February, and now this week, over 3 months later, the court has ordered all domains be reassigned to GoDaddy. That is an excellent decision. If you are one of the ones having their domain moved to GoDaddy, know that you are going to be in good hands. GoDaddy does an excellent job of customer service, it’s who we use for our sites and all sites that Mary needs to start up for her clients. In fact, she has even called up the CEO of GoDaddy, things weren’t happening in a timely manner one time, using customer service, and she went straight to the top. I won’t give up her secret of how she pulled that off on here but let me know if you want to chat with Bob and I’ll hook you up!  He’s a great guy, plus he resolved Mary’s ongoing, unresolved issue in less than an hour. There are some posts on his blog over the last few months about the demise of RegisterFly.

According to the ICANN blog:

…the Court has has ordered Kevin Medina and RegisterFly to publish on its website, within 48 hours, a notice telling people about the termination of it’s accreditation as the Court had set forth in the earlier Preliminary Injunction.

Time will tell if this order is fulfilled, but so far, the site still looks live.

So, if you are a former RegisterFly customer, hang on, it looks like your wait is almost over.

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