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August 2007

Social Networking Observations

Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to sell someone on using Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or Tumblr or Jaiku or LinkedIn or or Flickr or Picasa or Plaxo or Pownce or any other new, latest and greatest… Continue Reading →

Anyone Using XServe?

Anybody out there using XServe?  There has been a question posed on the CTM group on Facebook wondering if anyone is using XServe and I just thought I would give that question a little more exposure here. If you have already… Continue Reading →

Tech Ministry Site Ideas

As I consider the future of the tech ministry at my church, there are many things to consider, in fact, it’s overwhelming, all I can do is take it one step at a time. One thing I would like to… Continue Reading →

Real Value or Adding To The Noise?

If you are in church IT in any capacity, I’m sure there are times you need encouragement.  My church is extremely supportive and encouraging as I am beginning to build our church’s tech ministry and give it the focus that… Continue Reading →

New Perspective From Guest Blogger

I am introducing a guest blogger to you today.  I have known this person for many years and I have seen her grow in many ways.  She has worked closely with me over the last few years as I have… Continue Reading →

PC Workshop – September 15, 2007

Just scheduled the next PC Workshop for September 15, 2007. It will be in the conference room at Fairview Christian Church again and it looks like I’ll have the same crew again, at least and maybe a few more. We… Continue Reading →

A Poll and a Survey

There are two things for you to participate in that I want to point out. What Presentation Software Do You Use? This is a post that Greg Atkinson wrote: In meeting with the folks at MediaShout the other week, they… Continue Reading →

Focus On The Adventure

Being a teen in the 80s, I was a VanHalen fan and I even liked VanHalen after David Lee Roth left, although it was never the same. Well, 22 years later, VanHalen is back on tour with David Lee Roth,… Continue Reading →

Equipping The Church To Effectively Use Tech

It has been an interesting time over the last 4 or 5 days.  I have helped a couple of different people in the church with their own computers, just doing basic cleanup of viruses and spyware and that kind of… Continue Reading →

God Does Answer Prayer

We have had some technical issues lately at church. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of the issues but the fact remains that there are things happening that are causing big problems in the sound booth and ultimately… Continue Reading →

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