Scoble had an interesting post the other day about when there was a block party in his neighborhood and he was able to meet many of his neighbors.  The fact is, Scoble is a lot more out there than many of us geek types anyway, let alone the average non-tech person.  He mentions:

Some of my neighbors couldn’t quite rap their heads around the fact that I could send video of them around the world from my cell phone. They had heard of Facebook or MySpace but I had to explain over and over how Kyte worked. They acted like they had met someone from the future.

He goes on to say:

I shouldn’t make all my neighbors sound like Luddites. They are very educated and well traveled people who’ve done interesting things with their lives but it’s interesting to see just how far ahead those of us who live in the tech echo chamber are. One common thing? They all have heard about Facebook and are wondering what they’d do on it.

I’ve had similar conversations with people, trying to explain what Facebook is or what a blog is or any other Web 2.0/social networking type site is.  The reality is that I don’t even know what to do with Facebook, it’s kind of fun, I guess, I have a lot of friends out there.  That’s leads into another question, are online friends really friends?  In a way, they are, but in a way, maybe not so much.  I have a draft of another post on this topic, sort of and I have had this discussion with some online friends whom I have met in person.  That’s another realm to this equation altogether.  I guess when you meet, in real life, an online friend, maybe then they truly become a friend.  But, in some cases, you could truly have already been friends.  Confused yet?

How do you describe blogging and Facebook and MySpace to non-tech people?

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