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November 2007

WebMedley Is Affordable and Easy

Let’s be objective I am responding to Garrett’s comment on Webmedley because I think it’s terribly short sighted and biased. First off, I do need to acknowledge that Webmedley is a sponsor of this site and that could tend to… Continue Reading →

Webmedley CMS

I would like to introduce a new advertiser on this site, WebMedley.  WebMedley is a content management system for small to medium sized churches and they offer a very robust system that includes surveys, streaming video, a store, discussion forum,… Continue Reading →

Video: Enhance or Not

I had an interesting, brief conversation with a friend on Twitter about the use of video in a church service, both motion background and a video to intro the message.  Clearly, at my church, we are using that type of… Continue Reading →

Video Recap – Nov. 25, 2007

Video: Evangelism: Here I am Lord, Send Me Producer: Beamer Films Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions both in comments and email for a suggestion for last Sunday’s video. I considered everything and I actually went into Sunday… Continue Reading →

This Week’s Video – Your Turn

This week is the start of our new series called Made for One!: A sermon series on some of the “one anothers” This week’s message is titled Love One Another and the scripture is Romans 12:1-10 and Luke 10:25-37.  Now… Continue Reading →

That New Fangled Web World We Live In

Life is crazy.  How many of us devote a portion of our time to blogs and Twitter and Facebook and MySpace and Pownce and AIM and Yahoo Messenger and GAIM and Gtalk and Skype and on and on and on… Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Recap: November 18, 2007

This past Sunday, we had a great morning. It was the final message in the Kingdom series called His Offer. For the video, I chose one that didn’t directly fit but in a way, it did, I felt it was… Continue Reading →

CTM Outage Recap

It’s time for a review. One or two of you may have realized that this site was gone for about 4 days last week, I know I realized it. For some background, I think CTM has been down for an… Continue Reading →

Breathing New Life Into CTM

Now that we’re into day 4 of being down, things are starting to come together.  At this point, all posts are restored and all comments, which is the bulk of what makes up this site. I think somehow the database… Continue Reading →

Crossroads Creative

Crossroads Creative is a spinoff of Crossroads Church and they produce videos for churches to use.  Richard Gaspard contacted me recently about helping to get the word out and after checking it out, I told him I would be happy… Continue Reading →

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