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January 2008

Tech Arts Team Gets Busy

Although last week, the tech arts team had some down time, this week we came back strong.  The priority was installing new projector lamps, so Brett, Mike and I tackled that.  Donna and Chris swapped out a computer that died… Continue Reading →

Downtime for Tech Arts

Sunday, I told part of the Tech Arts team that we were taking this week off. I was tired and I’m working through some things and I just needed some downtime. I have also thought we should integrate some fellowship/Bible… Continue Reading →

Take A Shot For Jesus

Next Level Church has done something that seems to have gotten some attention, they have even made national news. What is it that a church can do to get this kind of attention? Hand out shot glasses in bars with… Continue Reading →

My Two Worlds Colliding

This blog has been in existence for over 3 years and for most of that time, it has been my place to network with church tech people all over the place.  In the beginning, it was very much separate from… Continue Reading →

Artificial Popularity

Yesterday, I noticed that of the 4 feeds I monitor for myself, 2 of them had jacked up numbers, according to Feedburner.  CTM was fine and so was CTM comments, it was right where it should be but another blog… Continue Reading →

Twitter #Hashtags – CITRT Community

Twitter is a fun site and it revolves around the question ‘What are you doing?’. You have 140 characters to express what you are doing at any given moment, yet it oftentimes turns into a conversation between you and any… Continue Reading →

Man on the Street Video

Today, after lunch, Brett and I went out and hit the street, armed with a video camera and smile.  Well, we were dressed but it was our first attempt at this sort of thing. I have wanted to do this… Continue Reading →

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can subscribe to this blog in multiple ways?   You can click this if you use a feed reader, like Google Reader or Bloglines. You can also click this if you use a feed reader,… Continue Reading →

Tech Arts Ministry Work Night

Tonight we had a work night at church with a couple of main objectives. Reposition spots and floods Get new audio computer in sound booth on the network There is a whole list of things but those are the 2… Continue Reading →

Video Review Plus An Exciting New Year

This past Sunday began our series titled Laughter: An Expression of JOY and it is a study of Philippians.  The video is called The Gratitude Dance and if it doesn’t make you smile and laugh, nothing will.  Check it out! … Continue Reading →

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