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March 2008

Fairview Tech Arts Team Visits…..sort of

I love my team, seriously, I do.  We have a great time together and little by little we chip away at things.  We meet every Tuesday evening and honestly, at first I said we would meet once, maybe twice a… Continue Reading →

Do You Pray For Tech In Your Church?

Easter is upon us.  It’s a big day for the church, clearly, and I know many churches are ramping up this week to Sunday.  Last night and tonight, for 2 different events, we have had unexplainable technical difficulties and it reminds me… Continue Reading →

What Is Tech Ministry?

There are many answers to the question above and there is probably not a single right answer.  In my mind, tech ministry is pretty much anything technical in the church, computers, A/V/L, printers, projectors, etc.  That is actually the responsibility… Continue Reading →

PC Workshop Recap

The lesson learned here is once you get in the routine of doing PC Workshops, people will come.  We had very little publicity but word of mouth is powerful, which resulted in the busiest event we have had, by far…. Continue Reading →

PC Workshop – Tomorrow

Saturday March 8, we will be having another PC Workshop at Fairview Christian Church.  It wasn’t highly publicized so I have been expecting a low turnout but several people have told me they plan to bring their ailing computers in… Continue Reading →

Are You A Candidate For CITRT?

CITRT = Church IT Roundtable I finally went to my first roundtable last fall at Church of the Resurrection in KC and I can’t wait for the one on April 5 in OKC.  Last fall I was able to meet… Continue Reading →

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