I think I was a little too subtle in the last post and some of you got the impression that I was just walking away from CTM and fading away from the blogosphere.  That is so not true, in fact, I’m probably going to be more active than I have been in quite some time.

It’s true that there will be no more posts at this blog.  I invite you to continue reading and interacting with me and others at my new site, http://blog.jimwalton.org.  The original last post here at CTM ties directly to the first post at the new site.

Let me re-enact what I intended to have happen.  The end of the last post went like this:

I hope you’ll join me in whatever is next.

Click here for Whatever Is Next

That final line was in much smaller print and little bit below where you would expect it and it also didn’t look like a link on the site.  If you will click the link above for whatever is next, it takes you to a post at my new site titled “Whatever is Next”.  I was trying to be subtle and make you work to get you to my new site but I really just want you to come on over!

If the content of this site interested you or if you are part of my family or a friend and feel obligated, please click the link above and subscribe either via e-mail or RSS.

Trust me, I have plenty more to say.

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