EasyWorship is my presentation platform of choice for announcements, song lyrics, scripture, and sermon notes. Why? The name should give it away – EasyWorship.  The learning curve is very short for new volunteers and the package provides the functionality most churches need.  I’m sure we’ll have a later post comparing the major presentation software platforms, but EasyWorship is still my choice.

Anyway, in mid April 2009, the latest upgrade was released.  No, this isn’t the long awaited MAJOR upgrade which will bring cross-platform (read: PC and Mac) functionality.  According to the forums over at the EasyWorship, that major release won’t be release till late 2009 or early 2010.  However, this release has some key fixes

  • PAL DVD issues
  • Erroneous “Unable to validate your serial number” Messages
  • Vista Service Pack 1 issues:
    • “The following Media file appears not to be supported…” Message
    • Not building video thumbnails
    • DVD Clips not working
    • Division by zero error messages on some DVDs
    • Disney and other famous brand DVDs will now work as they did before in the 2006 verison.

The upgrade is FREE and is available HERE. To read more about the recent upgrade, visit the EW forums.

In our installation, we had been experiencing the first bullet under Vista Service Pack 1 issues.  This bug was frustrating because EW would completely lock at random times when we tried to run video clips. Post upgrade – no problems.

There are a few important upgrade notes mentioned in the forums:

  • DVD clips are not cross platform compatible – . i.e. clips produced in Vista will only work on another Vista installation.
  • DVD clips produced in earlier versions of EW will have to be recreated.
  • All EW installations will need to be upgraded to this latest release to ensure that schedules are compatible.

I can’t stress it enough, the upgrade is FREE and will maintain the stability of your installation.

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