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July 2009

Leading Volunteers – No Easy Button

In talking with other church tech leaders, one thing I often hear is how frustrating it is to lead tech volunteers.  There’s a lot of frustration surrounding how unreliable they are and there’s always a need for more volunteers and… Continue Reading →

Build a Website – Part Deux

In part one of this series I laid out the basics of project mgmt as I see them and briefly mentioned my use of FreeMind to do some brain storming / mind mapping. There are of course many resources and… Continue Reading →

Tutorial – DVD Ripping

I have to preface this post by saying that neither I nor any members of CTM condone the ripping of DVDs or any other source for personal or commercial gain. This article discusses techniques to copy content that you legally… Continue Reading →

Google Voice – A New Tool for Ministry

Google is finally rolling out Google Voice to the masses – albeit slowly – via invitation. To get an invitation, you simply need to enter your email address at this site. The site also has a really good demo video… Continue Reading →

Generating PDF Files Easily

Maybe I’m one of the few who struggle with this, but one of the problems I seem to run into regularly is the need to just take a simple document already in my possession and convert it into a PDF… Continue Reading →

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