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December 2009

Goodbye 2009, Bring on 2010

Over a year ago, I decided that Church Tech Matters had run it’s course and I felt I had given this site all I could give. I wrote this post about a month earlier and a year ago today, I… Continue Reading →

To Stock or Not?

I posted a tweet recently and it triggered that thought process in me. The one that said “weren’t you meant to write a blog post about this?” one. So here I am. And what I want to discuss is twofold;… Continue Reading →

Social Media Overload

Isn’t social media cool? Twitter Facebook FriendFeed Google Wave LinkedIn YouTube Flickr e-mail Many others Plus, there are so many ways to communicate one on one (or even with multiple people): Google Talk MSN Messenger Yahoo Messenger Texting Cellphone (or… Continue Reading →

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