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February 2010

“Why To…” Instead of “How To…”

Here at CTM, a good bit of what we post is related to the ‘How To” for a particular subject.  This could be Audio, Video, web site, podcasting, video casting, using new tools or expanding on old tools.  Sometimes, as… Continue Reading →

Wireless Licensing May Exclude Churches

In the wake of the recent FCC ruling that set a final date for the retirement of wireless microphones in the 700 MHz band, there’s word that churches may be excluded from the new geo-location database that will provide important… Continue Reading →

The end of the 700 MHz Debate

The deadline has been set.  Finally!  The FCC has made official their order regarding wireless mic systems operating the the so-called 700 MHz band. As of June 12, it will be illegal to operate wireless mics in this spectrum. This… Continue Reading →

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