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January 2011

The Challenge

It feels good to be back in a writing mode. My challenge at this point is figuring out what to write about. It was easy before, at CTM, to know what to write. I had a topic pre-defined for me,… Continue Reading →

What Is The Cost?

Usually when we think of cost, we think money. Can I afford the new boat that I want? How much is the iPad? How much is it going to cost to fix my car enough so that it passes inspection?… Continue Reading →

Whatever Is Next

This is where it all began on October 23, 2004: In The Beginning… So the point of this blog is to offer insight and information about how the church can effectively use technology to bring church members into a closer… Continue Reading →

Efficiency on a Dime

One commitment I made to myself when I agreed to head my church’s audiovisual ministry was not to let it consume me or cause me to neglect my family. That’s easier at some times of the year than others, but… Continue Reading →

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