Wake-up Call

Complacency is a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.

How often do we live this way?  It seems that if we stop looking ahead and stop dreaming, we allow complacency to settle in

To be honest, I have been complacent for quite some time when it comes to church and even tech in church.  In an effort to climb out of this state of mind, I was scouring through my archives looking for inspiration and landed on a post titled Called to Complacency, a post that I wrote in 2006. I had a wake-up call back then, one that I hope to never get again.  Today, I’m highly in need of a wake-up call and I would much rather have a self-inflicted wake-up call, so here we go!

Time to step out of complacency and get back into the game. Not sure of my exact role in this game yet, but I’m ready to open my eyes again and consider my options.

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0 Responses to Wake-up Call

  1. Stuart says:

    Good shout Jim … we all need a proverbial kick up the backside from time to time.

    Even if it is self-inflicted.

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