Will You Join Me….Again?

It seems that not only am I getting back to writing but also that I’m getting back to writing on this site.  Some things will never cease to amaze me. I honestly had no intention of coming back to this site when I walked away over 2 years ago, yet here I am. I love the idea of having a team of writers such as we have now and I told them 2 years ago that I would do my best to lead them but I wouldn’t be directly involved with the site.

I knew at the time that was no way to lead but that was all I had to give back then. I typically lead by example and clearly, I was not setting a good example.  Maybe that’s all about to change, but I’m still a little uncertain about if I will maintain my motivation. 

It seems that many of you have remained faithful through this time and for that, I am grateful.  To be honest, God put such a strong desire in me over 6 years ago to equip the Church to use technology more effectively and I have seen Him use this site and me in so many ways, far beyond what I ever imagined possible.

A combination of things occurred in the last half of 2008 that led to me walking away from this site, nothing significant enough to recount here, but these things all came to a head and I made the decision to move on. I felt like this site had run it’s course and I needed to get away.

It sure felt like that was the right decision.  Now, at this point in my life, once again, a combination of things in my life has led me to come back to this site.  I’m not sure yet what this means and I’m not sure what my purpose is yet.  All I know is that this feels right and it feels like this is where I need to be.

I have spent the last 2 years wandering, in fact, I wandered so much I find myself living 2 states away from where I used to live.  That definitely gives me a new perspective on things.

Whatever the reason, I am back and I have plenty to say. I hope! I would be honored to have you join me here again, along with my faithful team, as we continue to work to equip both the (local) church and the Church as a whole, to effectively use technology to reach people for Christ.

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0 Responses to Will You Join Me….Again?

  1. I’ll join you Jim, and by that I mean that I’ll start blogging on Ministry Tech again too.

  2. Tony Dye says:

    I’m here. I’m listening. Glad to know that you’re excited to be writing again.

  3. Jim Walton says:

    Great, Matthew! That is encouraging. Let’s get the ball rolling here. You and I and many others have a lot of experience and insight to share, it’s time to get busy.

    Also, thank you Tony and Graham! It is encouraging to hear feedback and to begin to reconnect with some “old timers” from my past again. :-)

  4. No worries Jim, I’m working on my new site design (and logo) now and I hope to launch again soon, would love for you to have a look before I go live?

  5. Stuart says:

    I never left Jim … though I’m on a sabbatical from writing here as you know due to brain freeze ;)

    But good to see you publically stepping up and stating that you are back.

  6. Jim Walton says:

    That would be cool, Matthew! I would love to check out your new site, when it’s ready. Hit me up when the time is right. You might message me on Facebook, that may get a quicker response.

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