Quite awhile ago, I started a Facebook group for this site and many people joined it.  However, it never seemed to reach it’s potential as an interactive group.  I would like to see that change but I’m going to need your help.

All I need you to do is to contribute to the conversation at the Church Tech Matters Facebook group.  You have questions, opinions and experiences like no one else and I’m pretty sure you have something to contribute. Come by and visit and ask questions and answer questions and simply be part of this conversation.

This is a way to turn this site from a one way conversation to two way and make it more effective for all of us.  If you are a tech volunteer at your church and have questions, then this is the place to find answers. Also, you have opinions and expertise to share with the global church tech community.

So, give it a shot! The most recent post on there is about QR codes and how your church could use them.

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