I have been a part of LifeChurch for many years in different ways, mostly from a distance.  I have watched ChurchOnline evolve and mature into a worldwide outreach that reaches many many people every week, with experiences online happening nearly 24/7.  For the last year, I have led a volunteer team at ChurchOnline on Thursday nights which is pretty amazing.

Now, for the first time ever, I live within minutes of a LifeChurch.tv campus and our family has begun to get connected there. After over 2 years of not being connected to a church, it’s great to be at a church that is welcoming and open and the leadership has been intentional at helping my entire family plug in and be connected.  The bonus is that it’s LifeChurch, Ft. Worth, TX.

This weekend, I have been presented with the opportunity to help lead a team of people that are going to look at new and better ways to use social media to reach out and also to offer new ways for current attenders to connect. So, these are the questions I have for you:

  • How is your church using social media?
  • Are you doing anything that you see no one else doing but it’s effective?
  • Let me know how you are using Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
  • How is your church using QR codes?
  • What other ideas have you had but your church is not doing yet?
  • My local LifeChurch uses Facebook to send out messages and that’s cool but I wonder if there is more that we can do.

Our goal is to take social media to the next level and even be on the cutting edge.

Let’s work to help each other do more in this area.

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