I went through LifeGroup Leader orientation a couple of weeks ago at my church, LifeChurch.tv Ft. Worth, and it was very enlightening. I don’t think I have ever actually been trained in leading a LifeGroup so I learned a lot. LifeChurch.tv gives a lot of freedom to their LifeGroup leaders as far as the type of group, how often you meet, and even the curriculum. I have seen some churches dictate all of that and in my opinion, doing that is unnecessary.

We have the freedom to decide nearly every variable of the group that we are starting.  There is a catch, though.  The expectation is that you do actually define some things, such as the type of person you want to connect with, how often you will meet and the most important aspect is to define your vision for your group.  That is something I never considered, at least not enough to write it down.

In the past, we had the opportunity to lead a group that literally came together by accident.  It seemed that each of us in the group had struggled to get plugged in to a group and one by one, we came together to form an extremely tight-knit group.  This group clicked really well and now, probably 4 years after the fact, we are still friends with some from that group, long after all of us left that particular church.

Now, the work begins for this group. Our intention is to have a group of parents similar to us, where we can relate to many things in our lives.  One of the things that I am supposed to define is the type of group that we will be. Are we a short term group, long term group or a multiplicity group.  A multiplicity group is one that is designed to raise up other leaders and then send them off to start new groups.  Honestly, I am all about raising up leaders, that is what I do in any group I lead because that makes complete sense.  I tend to raise up leaders to replace me and it’s actually a good plan.  Some are intimidated by raising up leaders because they don’t want someone to be better than they are or they don’t want to lose control of their group.  That is so wrong.  I don’t think I’ll be defining our new group as a multiplicity group but I hope we are able to raise up other leaders along the way.

In this orientation, we were put into a group that is led by a community group leader and this is our support team as we all move forward on creating our new groups. We will meet every 30 days for the next 3 months and I have volunteered to coordinate our meetings.  So, in about a month, I will be meeting with this group again.  It’s fascinating to hear the stories of how each of us got to the point of being drawn to lead a LifeGroup.

If you are in the Ft. Worth/Arlington area and looking to be part of a LifeGroup, hit me up!

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