It’s one thing to lead someone when you have some form of power over them, such as a paycheck or other tangible benefit but what does it take to lead those that owe you nothing?  The skill in this type of leadership has everything to do with your ability to meet the need that they need fulfilled.

Honestly, there’s no real reason that a volunteer needs to come back, they only come back because it is their choice.   The primary reason the volunteer will choose to come back is because of you and the way you are leading. Sure, there are plenty of other reasons to continue a volunteer role but honestly, I have seen people give up something that they are passionate about strictly because the leader was not leading well.

That’s sad!

Know your people. They are looking to you to lead. They want you to lead. Your job is to be their biggest cheerleader, both indvidually as well as cheering on the entire team on.

Believe in your team!

Believe in your people!

They will do so much more because you believe in them.

The teams I currently lead and ones I have led in the past are pretty amazing. I am able to show up and every once in awhile, point the direction we should be going.  But, my primary role is to stand back and let the team rock it, as I serve right along side them.

  • Know their strengths – use them within the team in ways that they can excel.
  • Know their weaknesses – help them develop these areas
  • Know their passions – learn what really excites them and draw on that
  • Know their dreams – dreaming is always good, dream together
  • Know their goals – provide opportunities to reach these goals
What is your secret for leading volunteers?

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