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What Do You Want?

Here’s a question. If this site is having new life breathed into it, let’s get down to what’s important: What is it that you want to see here? What topics are relevant to you? What things need clarification? What are… Continue Reading →

Efficiency on a Dime

One commitment I made to myself when I agreed to head my church’s audiovisual ministry was not to let it consume me or cause me to neglect my family. That’s easier at some times of the year than others, but… Continue Reading →

Using Google Apps to Create Forms

Your church needs to figure out how well they’re doing with their Big Event. They need a survey for attendees to fill out and they need it as soon as possible. What do you do?  If you have a Google… Continue Reading →

What To Do When a Staff Member Leaves Unexpectedly

So what exactly do you do when a staff member resigns unexpectedly? What do you do when that person had the keys to everything?  Here are some things to help you cover all of your bases when trying to secure… Continue Reading →

Spring National Church IT Roundtable March 11-12!

Republished from Jason Powell’s site. Thanks, Jason! — Church/Ministry IT staff and volunteers from across the country will descend upon Saddleback Church in warm sunny Lake Forest California to partake in 2 days of invaluable peer learning, networking and inspiration… Continue Reading →

Simple Copyright Solutions

I get more questions about copyright and the legal use of copyrighted materials in church than any other topic. Sadly, most of those conversations start with music pastor or tech director looking for a loophole, or trying to justify a… Continue Reading →

EasyWorship 2009: Display Foldback Overview

If you’re an EasyWorship user, there’s a new version available for you. EasyWorship 2009 was released recently, and it has several new features. One of the features that is causing some interest and even confusion is Display Foldback. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Power IT Down Day

Thursday, August 27, is “Power IT Down Day.” Even you can help out… just turn off your computers and monitors, printers, fax machines whatever.  When you leave for the day, turn off the whole system,the monitor, printers, everything that is… Continue Reading →

Getting IT Spicy at your church?

what is SpiceWorks and how can my church use it.. this article is about my experience using it..

Google Voice – A New Tool for Ministry

Google is finally rolling out Google Voice to the masses – albeit slowly – via invitation. To get an invitation, you simply need to enter your email address at this site. The site also has a really good demo video… Continue Reading →

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