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The myth about teenagers

After much prayer and discussion, we have decided to expand CTM! We are going to talk about any, and every area of ministry!  So here’s the very first post after the expansion! This is an area I am so passionate… Continue Reading →

And We’re Back!

After years of dormancy, I am back to try to see if we can get this site up and running again. Not only will I be back here, sharing my wit, wisdom and observations around the church tech world but… Continue Reading →

What To Do With Volunteers?

This is a very worthy podcast. Mike Sessler has done Church Tech Weekly for a long time and this latest one touches on a topic that I have been passionate about for a long time. It seems that church leaders… Continue Reading →

Leading Followers Is Too Easy

Leading volunteers is challenging. Motivating a team of volunteers to show up, let alone work cohesively together is definitely an artform.  Believe me, if there was a formula, I would give it to you now and we could call it… Continue Reading →

The Art of Leading Volunteers

It’s one thing to lead someone when you have some form of power over them, such as a paycheck or other tangible benefit but what does it take to lead those that owe you nothing?  The skill in this type… Continue Reading →

What Do You Want?

Here’s a question. If this site is having new life breathed into it, let’s get down to what’s important: What is it that you want to see here? What topics are relevant to you? What things need clarification? What are… Continue Reading →

LifeGroup Leader Orientation

I went through LifeGroup Leader orientation a couple of weeks ago at my church, Ft. Worth, and it was very enlightening. I don’t think I have ever actually been trained in leading a LifeGroup so I learned a lot…. Continue Reading →

Cutting Edge Social Media In The Church……Really?

I have been a part of LifeChurch for many years in different ways, mostly from a distance.  I have watched ChurchOnline evolve and mature into a worldwide outreach that reaches many many people every week, with experiences online happening nearly… Continue Reading →

CTM Facebook Group

Quite awhile ago, I started a Facebook group for this site and many people joined it.  However, it never seemed to reach it’s potential as an interactive group.  I would like to see that change but I’m going to need… Continue Reading →

Will You Join Me….Again?

It seems that not only am I getting back to writing but also that I’m getting back to writing on this site.  Some things will never cease to amaze me. I honestly had no intention of coming back to this… Continue Reading →

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